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What Is Remarketing? Definition, Types, Tips, And Benefits

What Is Remarketing? Definition, Types, Tips, And Benefits

What is Remarketing?

Want to connect with people who visited your website but did not pull the trigger? The best way is to launch a remarketing campaign. Remarketing is the best way to interact with past visitors. With the help of a remarketing campaign, you can make your ads appear in front of these people as they browse the websites that are part of the Google Display Network (GDN). Moreover, remarketing campaigns will help you increase brand awareness and remind them of your products or services so that they can buy from your website. Remarketing is an effective means to target people who were already interested in your website but were not convinced enough to buy.

What is a Remarketing Pixel Tag?

When someone visits your website, they are tagged with cookies that allow you to show your ads to them again. Pixel tags are the codes that allow websites to place cookies. This way remarketing allows you to target people who were interested in your website but did not immediately convert.

What are Remarketing Lists?

A Remarketing list is a list of visitors who come across your website and perform any action. They consist of visitors who land on a specific page of your website. For instance, a ‘Services’ page remarketing list will comprise all the visitors of your Services page over a certain range of time. Cookies are added to your remarketing list as visitors land on the website. This will later help you to remarket only to the list of visitors who visited your Services page. Remarketing lists can be created for every page of your website and you can create remarketing ads accordingly.

Types of Remarketing Ads

There are several ways to retarget past visitors, we have described the three main types of remarketing ads below:

1.  Standard Remarketing

Standard remarketing allows you to show ads to people who already visited your website but did not purchase anything as they browse websites that are a part of the Google Display Network (GDN).

2.  Dynamic Remarketing

With the help of dynamic remarketing, you can show ads to people who viewed and added your product to the cart but did not buy them.

3.  Video Remarketing

You can also use your YouTube channel to promote your products. These ads can be shown to people who have previously viewed your videos or subscribed to your YouTube channel.

4.  Customer List Remarketing

Google allows you to upload lists of your customers’ contact information with the help of Customer match and when these people sign into Google, you can re-engage with them across different Google platforms and products like Search, Shopping, Gmail, YouTube, Display, etc.

Tips to launch a successful remarketing campaign

1.  Segment Your Audience

Segment your audience depending on how they interact with your website. If past visitors did not add anything to their cart, you can show them ads for different products. However, if people were interested in your products, and added them to their cart but did not buy them, it is better to show them ads related to these products.

2.  Keep optimizing your remarketing campaigns

If you launch remarketing campaigns only to forget them after some time, you are losing big. You should optimize your campaigns to get the best results. Evaluate your placement reports and exclude all the irrelevant websites appearing on the Google Display Network (GDN). Keep an eye on your ad schedule so that your ads are shown only at relevant times.

3.  Keep every step of the sales funnel in mind

It is important to have a clear-cut idea about your sales funnel so that your content teams can create content for every step of the funnel. Visitors act differently in different stages of the funnel, which is why ads at various steps of the funnel must follow a different approach to targeting potential customers. Additionally, remarketing makes it very easy to create content at different stages of the sales funnel.

4.  Add targeting layers

It is important to use additional targeting layers to better create audiences. Many people tend to ignore targeting layers. They believe as remarketing campaigns are for people who are already aware of your business, there is no need to include any additional layers. Nonetheless, it is always beneficial to include targeting layers such as location, gender, age, income, etc.

5.  Use various remarketing channels

Many people use only a particular medium for remarketing campaigns but it is better to make the most of as many channels as you can. You can use remarketing mediums like display ads, banner ads, video and YouTube ads, Facebook, and all other mediums where you can reach out to customers.

6.  Test, Test, and Test

Just like the rest of your campaigns, it is important to test what works best for your remarketing campaigns and try different things if one fails or doesn’t work. Trying and testing new ideas will help you determine the best practices you could use to enhance your performance.

Benefits of Remarketing

1.  Helps you stay connected with your target audience

As harsh as it may sound but very few visitors will indeed convert immediately after landing on your website while some visitors will browse your website three to four times before buying anything. Remarketing is one of the most effective ways to connect with your past visitors, bring them back to your website, and convince them to buy from you.

2.  Reach out to the masses

One of the significant benefits of remarketing is its large-scale reach. Remarketing will help you reach all the visitors on the remarketing lists while they are on their devices browsing different websites and mobile apps.

3.  Increase Brand Awareness

Remarketing campaigns are one of the most effective strategies to increase brand awareness and recognition. For a business to grow in the early days, it is a must to establish brand awareness and build a strong online presence. Remarketing helps you create a strong brand image and remind them to purchase from you.

4.  Helps you get more conversions

Increasing conversions is one of the most important goals of a remarketing campaign. It will help you reach customers while they are going through websites on the Google Display Network (GDN) and other mediums. Besides, you can retarget past visitors and show them advertisements when they are reading blog posts, news websites, articles, etc. The number of times visitors see your remarketing audience is important.

5.  Highly targeted ad creation

One of the biggest advantages of remarketing is you can create highly targeted ads based on the pages users have visited. You can use highly targeted ad text and images for remarketing to drive previous visitors to your website.

6.      Helps you surpass your customers

There could be several reasons why people who add your products to the cart bounce back at the last moment. A major reason could be they compare the price on your website to your competitors and notice your competitors offer the same thing at a lower price. Want to get back at your competitors for gaining your potential customer? Run a remarketing campaign. Remarketing campaigns not only help you bring back your past visitors but will also attract the customers of your competitors. Several businesses make the most of remarketing to attract their competitors’ customers.

7.  Higher click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rates

Remarketing ads have a higher click-through rate (CTR) than regular display ad campaigns generally. This is because people are already familiar with your business, website, and product, which is why they will be more likely to click on your remarketing ad. A higher click-through rate (CTR) is important to improve your conversion rate and since remarketing has a high CTR, you have a great opportunity to increase your conversion rate.

To Sum Up

We know it is not easy to get visitors to purchase from your website immediately. Visitors browse your website 3 to 4 times to decide whether to buy from you or not. Remarketing gives your potential customers another opportunity to come back to your website and buy from you. It allows you to attract the attention of potential customers and increase your brand awareness. Besides, it will also help you track the activities of people who visit your website and determine the visitors who left without making any purchases.

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