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Google Ads Creation: How To Write Killer Ad Copy To Attract More Customers

Every time people search for a product, service, or business related to yours, they will see Google ads on top of organic traffic. Why they will click on a certain ad and ignore the rest depends on two things. Either the ad they’ll click on shows exactly the product or service they are looking for or it is just convincing enough. All in all, how the ad copy is written has an impact on the visitor and they will click on the ad that appeals to them more. If you want more people to convert, you will need a killer ad copy to convince them first.

Writing compelling and genuine ad copy is a must if you want more traffic and conversions. With the number of searches being made on the search engine in a second exceeding billions, the competition is high and you have a very short time to catch a potential customer’s attention with a powerful ad copy. Besides, you may be providing some of the best products and services, but all will be wasted if people don’t even land on your website because your ad copy isn’t good enough. In the worst-case scenario, they will view your competitor’s ad and land on their website.

8 Tips To Write Convincing Ad Copy

1. Think More Like A Customer And Less Like A Marketer

They say customers are selfish and don’t care about you or your business but they do care about what you can offer them. Harsh as it may sound but it is the truth. This is why it is important to dig deep into customers’ minds and think like them. Think about what you’d be looking for if you were in their shoes. Take in their pain points and needs, and come up with the benefits you can offer them to solve their problems. Moreover, addressing the benefits and features of your products/services not only caters to the pain points of customers but also shows them that you know what they are going through and that you care about their problems and value them.

2. Analyze Your Competitors’ Ads

Take a look at your competitors’ ads but don’t copy them. The main purpose of analyzing your competitor’s ads is more than just comparing their ads to yours. The idea behind analyzing their ads is to determine their strengths and weaknesses, and what works for them and what doesn’t. If their ad copy is more persuasive and attractive than yours, chances are it will attract your prospective customers to their landing page and you wouldn’t want that.

3. Use Keywords

Using keywords in your ad copy is like using the searcher’s queries and giving them an affirmation that you have them safely covered and can cater to their needs and pain points. You need to include keywords not only in your ad copy but ensure that your landing page has those keywords too. You can add a keyword in headline 1 or 2 or in a description to test where it performs well. However, there is no need to stuff in as many keywords as you can. Squeezing several keywords in an ad copy makes it unemotional and robotic, and people won’t find it appealing. This is why it is important to have a balance of science and art in your ad copy.

4. Include A Call To Action (CTA)

Isn’t persuading people to land on your website and buy from you the only purpose of an ad? It certainly is and this is where a CTA can be of massive help. A CTA tells prospective customers to take the desired action and convert. Without including an attractive call to action in your ad copy, your ad will sound hollow and meaningless. If you are selling a product, tell people to buy from you and if you provide a service, tell them to contact you at that very moment. Here’s a list of CTAs to clarify the desired actions you want your customers to take:

  • Buy now
  • Shop now
  • Call today
  • Contact us now
  • Register today
  • Apply now
  • Sign up
  • Read now
  • Listen now
  • Watch now
  • Order today
  • Purchase today
  • Request an appointment
  • Schedule a free consultation

5. Write Catchy Headlines

The first thing people will come across is your headlines and whether they should continue reading the ad copy or not depends on how catchy your headlines are. Headlines need to be attractive enough to grasp the attention of your potential customers. You will have to write 3 headlines in the case of a Google ad (30 characters for each) and the best practice is to keep them short, unique, and powerful so they can deliver a strong and synchronized message. Note that your headlines should be related BUT not repeated. You can include price, discount offers, your business name, what you offer, why people should buy from you, social proof, and CTAs in your headlines.

6. Writing Clear Descriptions

Writing great descriptions is a way to let people know more about your business and convince them to buy from you. For a Google ad, you will have to write at least 2 descriptions (90 characters for each). You can include the benefits and features of your products/services, what you do, why you do what you do, CTAs, etc. Ensure you hook the readers with great descriptions and provide them with a reason to buy from you. Keep your tone in check, it should be persuasive yet empathetic to show that you are not only here for their money but want to genuinely benefit them.

7. Grammar, Spelling & Punctuation

Whether you are writing a headline or a description, you need to be wary of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Every word counts in the ad copy, which is why you need to check twice for grammatical and spelling errors. Additionally, you can also use Grammarly to check your ad copy for mistakes. Note that you can’t add an exclamation mark (!) in headlines but you are allowed to include it in any one of the descriptions. Make the most of this opportunity and add an exclamation mark where you can to boost engagement.

8. Write Unique and Appealing Ad Copy

At the end of the day, it all comes down to why people should buy from you when they can easily buy the same thing from your customers. To increase the chances of more people buying from you, it is important to write unique ads to highlight how you are different from your competitors. However, a unique ad copy doesn’t mean using high-end vocabulary. On the contrary, your ad copy should be simple, clear, and concise so that everyone can understand it. Ensure your ad copy has an emotional appeal to it (but not too emotional), is personalized, and creates a fear of loss and a sense of urgency in the minds of people. For this, you can also use the Swiss Army Method by Perry Marshall, one of the best Google Ads experts. Moreover, you can also include one or more of the 30 triggers shared by the legendary Joseph Sugarman, one of the best copywriters to win the minds and hearts of customers.

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